I've been Tagged!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seven wierd or strange facts about me:

I live within a mile of where I was born.

I started swimming at age 2.

I am named after my Great-Aunt

I hated Psych Nursing in school but Love being a Psych Nurse.

My Favorite color is green

I love foreign accents

I have always wanted to write books.


Issac has been home One Month!!!!!!!

Issac has been home in Sunny AZ for one month. He received a special gift from my coworkers and was able to choose a toy by himself. Here are some pictures with his special toy!!!


How is Issac doing?

Many people have asked me how Issac is doing. Well he still struggles some at bedtime with tears and fears. Either James (my oldest son) or I will hold his hand as he falls asleep. Some times he will stroke my face and hug me and this seems to comfort him. He is all smiles most of the day and will try new foods and wants to eat whatever anyone else is eating. He, Brian and I still feel slightly groggy at wierd times due to remmants of jet lag. He seemed to enjoy the family get togethers and his welcome home party last week. Grace seems to be regressing with his appearance but hopefully this will be shortlived. He just fits! A pretty simple statement but it works.

Home one week!!!!!!!!!

This week has been a week of many firsts for Issac and us as united family. It is such a blessing to have all my children under one roof!!!!!! Enjoy the pictures of his first extended family get together and his welcome home party!!!!!

Issac's first dinner out in the US

We had 4 children believe it or not spending the night with friends and family so we took advantage of a smaller group and went out for dinner. I think Issac liked it! Check out his ice cream eating :)


Some parting shots of the July firecrackers!!!!

Today was the day for red couch pictures and oaths and goodbyes. Here are some parting shots of the Firecrackers. See you in the U.S.!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Have you ever seen a Chinese boy that could resist Connie ? :)

Dinner with friends!!!!!!!

Tonight we had dinner at The Cow and Bridge with Marianne and Jarrod and their boys and Jonah's Grandpa :) We had a great meal and it's hard to say goodbye to good friends.